Note that not all releases may appear here, and some releases will only include changes for PSM, the Builder or the Sicario engine.



  • Running PSM manually will now prompt before closing so you can see the output
  • Adds support for checking the engine version of presets before running
  • Only replaces DB_Aircraft if actually required
  • Prevents missing unpacked files from failing build

Sicario Engine:

  • Adds support for specifying value ranges in modifyPropertyValue
  • Adds support for type loader parameters
  • Adds new struct match fragment
  • Adds BoolProperty support to arrayPropertyValue
  • Correctly load and write umap files
  • Adds support for partial modifications with arrayPropertyValue

Sicario Builder:

  • Includes engine version with built presets for PSM compatibility
  • Cleaner (and smaller) preset files by trimming out unused properties


  • Fix GOG game detection
  • Internal refactoring for merge components and reports


  • Improve fallback behaviour when game not located correctly


  • Fix custom skin slot detection
Last modified September 11, 2021 : Updates for v0.2.0; (460f3a8)