Using templates in your mods

Since the basics we’ve outlined so far will only be effective for the simplest of use cases, Sicario also has a complete templating engine built-in and integrated into the mod format.

While that might sound complicated, it only needs to be as complicated as you want it to be: all the templating features are optional and you can just use which parts you want/need/feel comfortable with.

As with the previous section, I recommend working through the articles on the left one-by-one to get a feel for this feature.

Syntax and Features

All the templating features in Project Sicario are built and rendered using the Liquid templating engine so if you’re unsure of the syntax or want to see how it works, you can always just check the Liquid docs (or the specific implementation we use)

Last modified March 3, 2021 : templatize app name in docs (f091b71)