Welcome to Project Sicario

Project Sicario is an experimental new way of building and merging certain mods for Project Wingman. The Sicario Engine can attempt to "merge" multiple data table edits together into a single mod to improve compatibility and user choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does building take so long?

In short, that's because Sicario is doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Every mod you enable can contain 20+ patches that have to be individually applied to each game file in order. Each of those patches could require searching through whole files for a single word or finding all 200 instances of a particular number in a file. In short, it's hard work.

The other thing that will lead to the less-than-ideal build performance is cost: merged mods are built "in the cloud". In reality, that's on a server I'm paying for, and I can't afford to pay for high-end super-powered servers, so we're also a little limited by my cheap server.

Why does the order matter?

The order is super important! Patches are applied in order from top to bottom so its possible for an earlier mod to change a value that a later mod is looking for. How you order these patches allows you to mix and match specific mods (like loadouts for one plane with All Weapons for other planes), but can also lead to unexpected results if they're not ordered right. My recommendation will be to put specific mods early (like plane-specific loadouts, or patches) then put the larger stuff (like OP Weapons) later so they don't overwrite the more specific changes.

Why isn't some mod available on Project Sicario?

Project Sicario can't reverse engineer existing mods: mods have to be ported to a Sicario patch file that can then be uploaded and added to the mod library. Almost all of the patches available now were created by agc93 as ports of existing mods published on Nexus Mods.

Additionally, mods can only be ported to Project Sicario if the permissions on the original mod allow it, and many don't. Thanks to the authors who have updated their permissions (especially Lavernius and Tyler), a lot of mods can be ported but not all authors allow that. Alternatively, the original authors can upload their mods as Sicario patches.

Why are some of my selected mods still conflicting?

Note that just because edits are built using Sicario, that does not mean that all mods will be compatible with each other. For example, if you include two mods that modify weapons for the same plane, more than likely only the first one will be applied. This is a limitation in the modding method being used and isn't something that authors (or Project Sicario) can reasonably resolve.

How do I build mods for Project Sicario?

You can find a semi-complete library of documentation on the format for Sicario patches in the documentation.

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