Project Sicario Merger

Project Sicario Merger (PSM) is an experimental new way of running Project Sicario: locally on your PC. PSM can build a merged mod on your machine from presets, Sicario patches, PSM-compatible skin mods and even other merged mods, all with less compatibility issues and less downloads required.

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What is Project Sicario Merger (PSM)?

Project Sicario Merger (PSM) is (to really oversimplify it) the same basic functionality of Project Sicario, but running on your own PC. That means it can take the same patches available here (in the form of presets, more on that below) to merge otherwise incompatible mods together into one that the game can load. Since it's on your PC, PSM can load files directly from the game's install, and can adapt to PSM-compatible mods that you have installed.

What can PSM do?

At a minimum, PSM can do everything that the Project Sicario you're using now can do, but on your own PC. Running locally means that PSM has a few other tricks:

  • Automatically add new skin slots to planes based on your installed PSM-compatible mods!
  • Merge all your installed mods/presets at once into a single file
  • Automatically includes changes from other Sicario-compatible mods you have installed

Being local to your PC means you can also include any patches you install to your game folder, not just the ones available here.

Can I still use the mods from this app?

Yes! For best results you use the new Save Preset button rather than downloading a merged mod, but both options are PSM-compatible. When the merged mod is built, it will include all the mods you had chosen here when you downloaded the merged file, and will integrate that with any other PSM-compatible mods you have installed.

What's a Sicario preset?

A preset file is a simple (and small) file that doesn't contain any actual modified game files, but is basically a list of instructions for PSM of what values to change in the game files. On it's own a preset doesn't do anything as the game doesn't know how to load them. So instead we use Project Sicario Merger (PSM) that can load these presets and apply the changes they include to make a mod, just like this app does.

What's the difference?

The biggest difference is that a merged mod contains the actual modified game files so the game can load it as-is, assuming there's no conflicts. That means you don't need to be using PSM to use a merged mod, but you won't get any of PSM's other benefits. On the other hand, if you download your patches as a preset, you'll have less likelihood of conflicts and you can merge your mods with Sicario-compatible mods from anywhere, but you need to be using PSM to merge all your installed mods.

Can I mix-and-match mods with PSM?

Yes and no. You can install as many presets as you want, and PSM will just run them in order. If you have other Sicario-built mods installed, PSM will do its best to merge those as well. However if you have other non-Sicario-compatible mods installed, you'll need to ensure they're not modifying any of the same files that your merged mod does.

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